MESSIEURS DAMES, founded by Markus J. Baier in 2019, is a lifestyle & streetwear brand based in Hamburg which combines wearable street fashion with a desire for exclusive high quality products. Designed from a narrative standpoint MESSIEURS DAMES is both a reflection of modern socioeconomics and personal stories behind it. Each creation is something special, something real.

The French phrase “MESSIEURS DAMES“ stands in front of everything. It calls people. It shouts out to women and to men. It includes everyone. Still each piece from the collection is limited in quantity and empowers uniqueness. The whole production process requires passion. From the very first idea to the final product every step on the way is affected by the mindset of MESSIEURS DAMES. Everything is equally as important and with that in mind each creation becomes a piece of art on its own.

MESSIEURS DAMES is a celebration of richest materials and raw designs. We are driven by this thought of contradiction and unity and put all our love and mind into each piece.

All products are made in Portugal and Italy with the best fabrics sourced from different parts of the world.